At 0000 UTC August 11th (25.75 hours into the flight, 68% of the distance.) TAM-5 was 1282 miles out of St. John’s on the route to Ireland. The airplane is still cruising at about 55 miles an hour and the projected time remaining is 11 hours or an arrival in Ireland at 1100 UTC, 12:00 noon Irish daylight time.

Les Hamilton, Joe Foster and Cyrus Abdollahi have set up a complex network of computers. We have acquired many many pages of data about the location and speed of the airplane. Les Hamilton (the contest director) has been doing his best to keep up with it all and be able to report these numbers. Some of us have missed a lot of sleep but we are planning that we will stay up most of tonight to keep our crew in Ireland informed.

As if we did not have enough complications in our data collection and information channels, our cable connection to the internet blew off a pole and everybody was furiously searching how to get it fixed. It’s Sunday night and the cable company people were all unreachable. Through Les Hamilton, we roused out a cable technician who put us back in business about 11pm here. This was a nasty situation when we're now in need of fairly frequent communication to Ireland. All’s well that ends well!, its fixed. Our spirits our high and we still think the odds are about 50/50 that the airplane will stay airborne for about 36 hours and reach our pilot Dave Brown who is already in a bed and breakfast a couple miles from the designated landing spot.


Maynard Hill