October 23, 2003

It has been a busy time since we returned from Newfoundland but things are are gradually getting back to normal.  Friends and neighbors of Gay and Maynard Hill hosted a wonderful dinner party to celebrate the success of TAM-5, providing a happy occasion for some of the extended team to get together and relax.  Another supporter of STAR hosted an afternoon social attended by over 100 TAM volunteers and STAR contributors from the mid-Atlantic region.  Beecher Butts, owner of Butts' Farm, was an honored guest for the occasion.

The TAM team was scheduled to make a presentation at the District of Columbia Radio Control Club meeting in September, but hurricane Isabel forced cancellation of the meeting when much of the region lost electrical power.  At the October meeting of DCRC, Maynard Hill, Joe Foster, Les Hamilton, and Dave Brown treated the big audience to pictures, video, anecdotes, and first-hand experiences of the flight of TAM-5.

News of the success of TAM-5 is making its way into various magazines.  Dave Brown's message in the November, 2003, issue of Model Aviation was devoted entirely to the flight.  The November, 2003, issue of Popular Science has a page devoted to the flight.  Model Airplane News devoted its Final Approach page to the flight in December, 2003.  A lengthy article will appear in Model Aviation in January, 2004.

Maynard completed the next issue of STAR News, which was mailed to STAR members around October 26.

On 23 October 2003, the FAI officially accepted the claims for world records for distance in a straight line and duration.

[revised 5 November 2003]