News on September 5, 2003

TAM-5 is back where it was created.  Following its record-breaking flight, the aeromodel was exhibited at Noel Barrett's hobby shop in Cork, Ireland for a couple of weeks.  Then Dave Brown and Noel Barrett saw to its being crated and shipped by FedEx back to Maynard Hill's home in Silver Spring, Maryland, where it arrived safely on Sept. 2.

Maynard has completed two "dossiers" -- the official documents to support claims for the two world records set by TAM-5's historic flight.  The dossiers will have to pass muster through three levels of review before the FAI will officially declare the world records.  The process may take months.

Many people sent emails or letters of congratulations and these are very much appreciated.  The project_star inbox was inundated, and unfortunately, there were also many virus-laden stray messages.  At one point, the mailbox was so overloaded, we had to get our ISP to clear it out.  We finally cleared through that mess and by September 4 answered the remaining emails that seemed to need a reply.  If your question wasn't answered, check the FAQs in a couple of days, or try again later.  

Our thanks to the people who generously contributed to STAR during the weeks since TAM-5's success.  STAR is still in the red, but we don't expect anyone who has already contributed to dig deeper.  If you sent in a check, you can expect a letter of thanks and at least one issue of STAR News.  Please be patient with our all-volunteer effort.

Policy regarding emails:  We tried to be helpful, inviting people to be added to our email list by simply sending an email with "ADD" as the subject.  That turned out to require a lot more effort to manage than we had expected.  In fact, we had problems that prevented us from sending the daily messages  we had planned during each TAM flight.