Tam 5 photo album
Crowd at Cape Spear
Photo by Loretta Foster

Maynard with Tam5
Maynard starts TAM-5 for take-off - August 9, 2003 - about 7:45 pm Newfoundland time
Photo by Loretta Foster

Pilot Joe Foster controls Tam 5 climb out.
Photo By Loretta Foster

Les getting data
Les Hamilton Gathers data from Tam5
Photo by Loretta Foster

Cable guy
Problems with our cable internet connection.
Photo by Les Hamilton
Les contacted our internet provider, Rogers Cable. Even though it was Sunday night, they sent out a technician to find and fix the problem. Without this connection we could not get data from Tam 5.

Maynard and Cyrus examine data from Tam 5
Photo by Les Hamilton

Tam in Ireland
Tam in flight over Mannin Beach, Ireland
Photo courtesy Ronan Coyne

Mannin Beach
Tam 5 at the exact spot where it stopped at Mannin Beach
Photo courtisy of Ronan Coyne

Ireland crew
Irish Tam crew with Tam 5 in hand, in front of the Alcock and Brown monument.
Photo courtesy of Ronan Coyne
Pictured from Back row L to R Enda Broadrick (Video Camera), Ronan Coyne (Telemetry), Dave Glynn (Digital Camera), Tom Frawley (Telemetry), Noel Barrett, Joe Dible, Mrs. Barrett Front (kneeling) John Molloy, Dave Brown, Sally Brown