Updated 12 November 2003



Aug 2002

Launched TAM-1, TAM-2, TAM-3 from Newfoundland

Sept 2002 STAR News - Progress Report published

 Sept 2002

Team decides to make another attempt in August 2003

July 2003 STAR News - Progress Report XIV published with pictures and bios of key volunteers
July 27 Last autopilot test flown in Maryland
July 29 Gay and Maynard begin long drive to Newfoundland with five airplanes

Aug 4, 2003

TAM Team assembles in St. John's, Newfoundland

Aug 8, 2003

TAM-4 launched - flew about 430 milest

 Aug 9, 2003

TAM-5 launched from Cape Spear

Aug 11, 2003

TAM-5 landed at Mannin Beach (Truska), Ireland

 Oct 23, 2003

FAI approves world records for duration and distance

 Nov 10, 2003

 Maynard Hill, Joe Foster & Dave Brown honored at Nat'l Aeronautics Assn. dinner